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Miss Mapleton is a fictional female character from the stories of Bertie Wooster and his indefatigable valet Jeeves, written by PG Wodehouse. She is headmistress of St Monica's School for Girls in Hertfordshire and a close friend of Bertie Wooster's Aunt Agatha. When Bertie is arrested for trespassing on school grounds whilst returning Bobbie Wickham's cousin Clementina to her room after she sneaked out to see her elder cousin play in the South Hertfordshire Women's Tennis Championship, she, having been told by Jeeves that Bertie was not trespassing or attempting to make a burglarious entry, but chasing a robber, managed to have him removed from jail. However, this was to be done only on the condition that Bertie give a lecture to the school on the values of healthy living the following morning, for, in order to add verisimilitude to his tale, Jeeves had informed her that he was a well-known orator on a tour of the Home Counties. Bertie, being rather woolly-headed, angered Miss Mapleton by firstly telling the girls how to gamble, then a joke about a scantily-clad chorus girl, and he left the school in a hurry before she had a chance to recover and have him arrested for breaching the peace.