Missing Man

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Missing Man
cover art of Pacific Presents showing Missing Man.
Art by Steve Ditko.
Publication information
Publisher Pacific Comics
First appearance Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #6 (Aug 1981)
Created by Steve Ditko

Missing Man is a fictional comic book hero created and owned by Steve Ditko.

Publication History[edit]

The character first appeared as a back-up feature in Captain Victory #6 in 1981 with a preview ad published in Captain Victory # 5 which led to a feature in Pacific Presents issues #1-3.[1] The Strips were later collected by Ditko and Robin Snyder as "the Ditko 80-Page Package: The Missing Man" in 1999.[2]


  • Captain Victory #6 (Pacific Comics)
  • Pacific Presents #1-3 (Pacific Comics)
  • Ditko's 80-Page Package (Steve Ditko and Robin Snyder)