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Mission Capital Advisors is a loan sale advisory firm, with offices in New York City; Austin, Texas; Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; and Newport Beach, California. Mission Capital is typically retained by banks [1], investment funds, non-bank lenders and mortgage companies to sell performing, sub-performing and non-performing commercial and residential loans and loan portfolios, including defaulted loans from CMBS securitizations for special servicers [2]. These sales help a bank reduce non-performing assets or manage their balance sheet.

Mission Capital uses an online auction process supported by a virtual data room. It is one of five loan sale advisors listed on the FDIC’s website [3].

Mission Capital expanded in 2009, in response to the growing credit crunch. It also uses financial models and intimate knowledge transactions in the secondary market to accurately value illiquid collateral, loans [4] and loan portfolios for banks and other financial institutions [5].