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Missus Goes a Shopping was one of the earliest game shows to be broadcast on live television. The show first aired on CBS Radio from February 17, 1941 to December 21, 1951. The daytime TV version began November 19, 1947,.[1] It was "CBS's first commercial daytime series."[2]

On August 3, 1944 the early CBS Television network began airing a primetime TV version until January 22, 1946. The original host was John Reed King.[3]

Hosting Changes[edit]

King hosted through the debut of the CBS Television Network's daytime television version (which began on November 19, 1947 and ended on November 10, 1948), after which he was briefly replaced by Bud Collyer with a new title of This Is the Missus on November 17.

In December, Collyer was replaced by Warren Hull until the series ended on January 12, 1949. Throughout the run, future What's My Line? producer Gil Fates served as a substitute host.


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