Mitchell Lake

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Mitchell Lake
Location San Antonio, Texas,
United States
Coordinates 29°16′15″N 98°29′16″W / 29.27083°N 98.48778°W / 29.27083; -98.48778Coordinates: 29°16′15″N 98°29′16″W / 29.27083°N 98.48778°W / 29.27083; -98.48778
Basin countries United States
Surface area 600 acres (2.4 km2)
Surface elevation 522 ft (159 m)

Mitchell Lake is a small lake in the southern part of San Antonio that encompasses approximately 600 acres (2.4 km2) within its city limits, in southern Bexar County. It was used as a waste management center for the city but has since fallen under San Antonio Water System control. A redevelopment effort has started on the lake with the openings of golf courses and parks. These efforts aim to change the perceptions of people in the South Texas area who associate the lake with uncleanliness. The lake is beloved by birdwatchers who enjoy the sights of many species of bird that live on or around the lake.


The lake was first utilized by the Spanish in the early 18th century to supply the large abundance of cattle with water. They called it the "Lake of the Ducks" because of the bounty of ducks that dwelled near the waters. The Mitchell family of San Antonio owned the lake in the 19th century and used it for fowl hunting. The city purchased the lake in 1901 for waste management and as early as the 1970s, efforts began to protect the lake and its rare birds.