Mitchell Rubin

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Mitchell Rubin
OccupationPennsylvania Turnpike Commission, chair[1]
CGR Gaming Associates, Principal[2] B&R Services for Professionals, Principal[3]
Known forand founder of the National Association of Professional Process Servers [4]
Spouse(s)Ruth Arnao

Mitchell Rubin is a former chair of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

He was named to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission in 1998.[1] He was elected chair of the Turnpike Commission in 2003.[1]

In 2006, Rubin's firm, CGR Gaming Associates, received a slot machine suppliers and distributor license from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.[2] This action was criticized by members of the Pennsylvania Senate, with Senate Majority Whip Jeff Piccola saying "Mr. Rubin's position as a public official certainly raises a lot of questions."[5] Other Senators expressed concerns that Rubin's wife, Ruth Arnao, is a former staff member for State Senator Vince Fumo, who wrote the slots legislation.[5] At the time Rubin's firm received the license, both Arnao and Rubin were under a federal corruption investigation by the Philadelphia-based United States Attorney.[5]

In filings submitted by the United States Attorney during Vince Fumo's corruption trial, Rubin was named as one of Fumo's "ghost employees," saying that he was paid $30,000 annually for five years in exchange for no work.[6] Moments after Arnao and Fumo's conviction on all 139 counts, an FBI agent handed a Rubin a "target letter" informing him that he was under investigation and that "substantial evidence" was present that linked him to a federal crime.[7] Rubin then took an unpaid leave from the Turnpike Commission while Ed Rendell reviewed trial transcripts.[8] The next day, Rendell fired Rubin from the Turnpike Commission, saying that "It is inappropriate for you to remain as a commissioner."[9][10][11] Rubin was found guilty of a misdemeanor charge of commercial bribery and sentenced to 24 months probation, 100 hours of community service and fined.[12]


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