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Union of Catholic Austrian Grammar Schools' Student corporations
Mittelschüler-Kartell-Verband der katholischen farbentragenden Studentenkorporationen Österreichs
Abbreviation MKV
Formation 9 September 1933 (1933-09-09),
At the occasion of the Catholics' Day
Founded at Vienna, Austria
Headquarters Neubaugasse 25/21
  • A-1070 Wien, Austria
Fields Red, white and red

More than 160 fraternities (see K.Ö.St.V Ostaricia or K.Ö.St.V. Donaumark Wien

about 20.000 people
Slogan Religio, Patria, Scientia, Amicitia

The Mittelschüler-Kartell-Verband der katholischen farbentragenden Studentenkorporationen Österreichs or simply Mittelschüler-Kartellverband (MKV) is an Austrian umbrella organisation of Catholic male student fraternities (Studentenverbindung). It was founded in 1933 on 9 September.

In contrast to umbrella organisations like, for example the "Cartellverband der katholischen deutschen Studentenverbindungen", the fraternities of the MKV do not consist of students from universities but of students from the upper levels of Austrian grammar schools.

Every Member of a fraternity in the MKV wears a ribbon as well as a specific cap, whose shape may vary according to the corporation, either coloured in the fraternity's colours. Most commonly every corporation uses three specific colours.

Currently more than 20.000 students or former students are members of more than 160 fraternities in the MKV.

As the MKV was founded upon the federalistic principle, these fraternities are organised in 9 provincial sub organisations according to the official Austrian federal provinces.


Every fraternity of the MKV has to be founded upon four principles:

  • religio: the fraternity and all its members publicly adhere to the Roman Catholic faith;
  • scientia: the pursuit of an academic education is common to all of its members;
  • amicitia: a lifelong friendship between all the members of the fraternity as long as they live;
  • patria: patriotism towards Austria within a European context.

The fraternities of the Cartellverband historically do not practise academic fencing (Mensur) because it was forbidden by the Roman Catholic Church. The fraternities only accept men into the organisation.


The MKV itself is member of the Europäischer Kartellverband (EKV), a European umbrella organisation. The MKV has friendly relations with other umbrella organisations that are members of the Europäischer Kartellverband (EKV), especially with the Cartellverband der katholisch österreichischen Studentenverbindungen (ÖCV).

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