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Studio album by Mizar
Released 18 May 1988
Recorded January–April 1988, Tivoli Studio, Ljubljana
Genre Darkwave
Gothic rock
Length 39:46 (original LP)
75:23 (Svedozhba)
57:09 (Lithium Records rerelease)
Label Helidon
Producer Goran Lisica - Fox
Mizar chronology
Svjat Dreams 1762-1991
(1991)Svjat Dreams 1762-19911991
Bootleg reissue of the album in 1997.
Bootleg reissue of the album in 1997.

Mizar is the eponymous debut studio album by the rock band Mizar. It was released in 1988 on Helidon record label. This is the first major rock record in Macedonian.

In 1997, it was re-released as Svedozhba, on CD and cassette with bonus live and demo tracks. The versions of the album tracks on Svedozhba are taken from vinyl. Goran Tanevski was the only Mizar member involved with the project.

In 2003, this album and Svjat Dreams were remastered and rereleased, containing live and demo tracks.

Track listing[edit]

Original Album
No. Title Length
1. "Devojka od bronza" (Bronze Maiden) 3:10
2. "Dozhdot" (Rain) 3:26
3. "Magla" (Fog) 2:55
4. "Iljada i sheeset leta" (1060 Years) 3:47
5. "Uninije" (Dullness) 2:41
6. "Stoj" (Stop) 4:53
7. "Gradot e nem" (The City is Silent) 5:57
8. "Hoden zhe" (Walking (Macedonian recession of Church Slavonic) 3:39
9. "Istekuvam" (Flow Out) 3:38
10. "Zlatno sonce" (Golden Sun) 5:46

A music video was filmed for "Hoden zhe", showing the band playing the song in front of a church.

"Slavjani", "Dozhd po dozhdot" and "Gradot e nem" are from a Mizar demo tape in 1988. "Dozhdot" was recorded live at the Kurshumli An in 1990.

On "Svedozhba", "Chifte chamche", "Samo eden mig" and "Veligden" are taken from the Kurshumli An concert in 1990. "Svjat Dreams" is a darker sounding version of the final track, recorded in 1989. "1762", "Dumanje" and "Abja mem" are all taken from Svjat Dreams.

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