Mizunomori Water Botanical Garden

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Coordinates: 35°04′27″N 135°56′26″E / 35.074078°N 135.940458°E / 35.074078; 135.940458

Lotus plants at the Mizunomori Water Botanical Garden

The Mizunomori Water Botanical Garden (草津市立水生植物公園みずの森, Kusatsu Shiritsu Suiseishokubutsu Kōen Mizunomori?), also known as the Kusatsu Aquatic Botanical Garden, is a botanical garden specializing in aquatic plants and best known for its extensive lotus display. Mizu-no-mori means "water forest" in Japanese. It is located on Lake Biwa's southeastern shore on the Karasuma Peninsula in Oroshimo-cho, Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan, and open daily except Mondays. An admission fee is charged.

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