Mjøsund Bridge

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This article is about the bridge in Troms, Norway. For the bridge in Møre og Romsdal, Norway, see Mjosund Bridge.
Mjøsund Bridge
Mjøsundbrua 01.jpg
View of the bridge at dusk
Coordinates 68°53′21″N 017°27′39″E / 68.88917°N 17.46083°E / 68.88917; 17.46083Coordinates: 68°53′21″N 017°27′39″E / 68.88917°N 17.46083°E / 68.88917; 17.46083
Carries 848
Crosses Mjøsundet
Locale Ibestad and Salangen, Norway
Design Cantilever
Total length 840 metres (2,760 ft)
Longest span 184.75 metres (606.1 ft)
Clearance below 35 metres (115 ft)
Opened 1994

Mjøsund Bridge (Norwegian: Mjøsundbrua) is a cantilever bridge in Ibestad and Salangen municipalities in Troms county, Norway. It is part of the Norwegian County Road 848 that crosses the Mjøsundet strait between the mainland of Norway and the island of Andørja. The bridge and the nearby Ibestad Tunnel connect the two main islands of Ibestad together with the mainland.

View of the bridge, looking southwest

The 840-metre (2,760 ft) long Mjøsund Bridge was opened in 1994 and it cost 203 million kr. The longest span is 184.75 metres (606.1 ft) and the clearance for boats below the bridge is 35 metres (115 ft).[1]


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