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Original author(s)Unix System Laboratories
Developer(s)MJM Software
Stable release
5.1 / December 8, 1995; 24 years ago (1995-12-08)[1]

MoOLIT (Motif OPEN LOOK Intrinsics Toolkit) is a graphical user interface library and application programming interface (API) created by Unix System Laboratories in an attempt to create a bridge between the two competing look-and-feels for Unix workstations at the time: OPEN LOOK and OSF Motif.[2]

The library provided common GUI features such as boxes, menus, lists, and buttons, but allowed users to choose which look and feel they wanted at runtime. It was a short-lived project, as the industry was moving towards Motif as the de facto GUI standard, a trend culminating in the COSE initiative in 1993.

MJM Software (a subsidiary of Melillo Consulting, Inc.) licensed the MoOLIT source in 1992 and ported it to Sun, HP, IBM, and DEC platforms.[3][4] Their MoOLIT 5.1 product included full Motif support for the traditional OLIT widgets not implemented in the USL version. This version of MoOLIT was used to add the Motif look and feel to legacy OPEN LOOK applications.


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