Mobile Electronic Certified Professional

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Mobile Electronic Certified Professional Program
Industry Electronics
Founded 1991 (1991)
Headquarters Arlington, Virginia, United States
Parent Consumer Electronics Association

The Mobile Electronic Certified Professional (MECP) is a certificate of achievement program in the United States that it is managed and administered by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).[1] The purpose of this certification is to ensure that individuals who install after-market electronics into vehicles and other vessels (such as aircraft or watercraft) do so in a consistent, safe, and reliable manner. Designed for mobile electronics installers, MECP certification training teaches the theory and practice of the 12-volt electronics industry. Exam questions and course content focus on "real-world" scenarios such as "eliminating noise, selecting proper gauge wires, determining ground locations and dealing with customer issues."[2] Major organizations such as Best Buy subsidiary Geek Squad has adopted the MECP into its job requirements.[3] There are four levels of certification offered through CEA, including three technical certifications of varying degrees, and one sales certification.[4]


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