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Mock Up on Mu is a 2008 science fiction film directed by San Francisco film artist Craig Baldwin, filmed by Bill Daniel, and edited by Sylvia Schedelbauer. It was filmed in 16 mm and runs for 110 minutes.[1] Mock Up on Mu opened at the New York Film Festival in 2008.[2] The film content is divided into 13 chapters that tell seemingly true tales about "American inner and outer space travel".[3] It cobbles together old NASA footage, excerpts and trailers from various Hollywood films and TV series, home movies, and Baldwin's own dramatizations to weave a mythical farce that incorporates components of Scientology prehistory. Major characters interwoven into the film are the rocket scientist Jack Parsons (Kal Spelletich), his beatnik wife Marjorie Cameron (Michelle Silva) and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard (Damon Packard).[1]


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