Mohamed Fahim ElGindy

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Mohamed Fahim ElGindy
Name Mohamed Fahim ElGuindy
Birth Year 1872
Birth Place Damietta، Egypt

The Furniture industry was developed many times in Egypt from the old ancient to now. During 1st 30 years of the 20th century, there was a great furniture developments in Europe from transitional furniture to Modern tastes ("Modernism"). Egyptian were influenced by these movements which was a mix of many different styles. Fahim ElGindy was the leader of this development in Egypt. He demonstrated his art in Europe and Egypt. He established the furniture industry in Damietta.


His full name is Mohamed Fahim AlSayed AbdAlla Ahmed ElGindy. He was an Egyptian. He was born in 1880 in Damiatta. He died on 29 April 1959 in Cairo. His Family is one of the most famous family in Turkey and Arabic Countries.


He was known as Fahim ElGindy. He was the man who established and developed the industry of furniture during the 20th century in Damietta and Egypt. In 1926, he got the Kingdom Golden Prize from the Conference of Industrial and Agriculture of Fabricating the Furniture in Cairo. Also, He was the first Arab who got Diplomas and golden medals from Roma and Paris for his wonderful art and initiations in fabricating the furniture in 1926.

He was a pioneer in establishing the Furniture Industry. He learnt this art to many manufacturers who are very famous now in Egypt. He made two furniture centers. The first was in Damietta in 1910. The second was in Cairo in 1920. During the second Conference of Furniture Industry in Damietta in 1986, the Egyptian government appropriated his efforts by providing a certificate to his name.


  • Certificate of "Diploma Di Grand Premio E Medaglia D'Oro per Fabrique Demeubles" in 1926 from

"ESPOSIZIONE FIERA Campioni Della Prodvzione Italiana Ed Internazionalie " .

  • Certificate of "Diplóme Grand Prix avec Medaille" in 1926 from

"Paris Exposition D'Economie Domestique" .

  • Certificate of "Golden Medal" in 1926 from

"Société Royale D'Agriculture Exposition Agricole Et Industierlle Du Caire" .

  • Certificate of Achievement and Appreciation from the Government of Egypt in 1986 during

"The Second National Ceremony of Wood Furniture Fabrication in Damietta، Egypt" .