Mohammed Al-Mansor

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Mohammed Al-Mansor
محمد المنصور
Mohammed Al-Mansor.jpg
Born (1948-07-09) July 9, 1948 (age 69)
Occupation Actor
Years active 1963-present

Mohammed Al-Mansor (Arabic: محمد المنصور‎‎; born July 9, 1948) is a Kuwaiti actor. He belongs to a family of actors. He is also the presenter of TV programmes, most recently Twho Al-iLal on the Watan channel.


Al-Mansor was born Mohammed Abdullah Khalifa Al-Mansour Al-Arfaj on July 9, 1948. He belongs to a family of actors; three of his brothers are actors. He is married.

Acting work[edit]


  • Ogelhh and Amlah
  • Al-Hdaba
  • Rehlat Athab (English: Journey of agony)


  • Al-Asra Al-Taiah (English: The lost family)
  • Al-Maklab Al-Kabir (English: Big claw)
  • Al-Dragah Al-Rabiah (English: The fourth degree)


  • Bas Ya Bahr
  • Al-Thiab la takal Al-Laham (English: Wolves do not eat meat)
  • Talah Al-Samat (English: Shadows of silence)