Mohammed Bah Abba

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Mohammed Bah Abba
Born Nigeria
Citizenship Nigeria
Known for pot-in-pot refrigerator
Notable awards Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2001

Mohamed Bah Abba (1964-2010) from rural area of northern Nigeria developed the pot-in-pot refrigerator i,e, Pot-in-Pot Preservation Cooling System in the 1990s, this is very simple its consisting of a small earthenware pot placed inside a larger one, and the space between the two filled with moist sand. The inner pot is filled with fruit, vegetables or soft drinks and covered with a wet cloth. Abba, who hails from a family of potmakers, tapped into the large unemployed local workforce and hired skilled pot makers to mass-produce the first batch of 5,000 Pot-in-Pots.[1] He received the Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2001 and used his $75,000 award to make the invention available throughout Nigeria.[2] Abba devised an educational campaign tailored to village life and the illiterate population featuring a video-recorded play by local actors to dramatise the benefits of the desert refrigerator. The pots sell at 40 US cents a pair.[1]

After the millennium several international NGOs started to work on the dissemination of this technology in various African countries: Practical Action in Sudan and Humanity first in Gambia and Movement e.V. in Burkina Faso.

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