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Mola Sylla (born Dakar, Senegal, 1956) is a Senegalese musician. He moved to Europe in 1987 and lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is a singer and plays such traditional African instruments as the mbira, kongoma (Senegalese lamellophone), xalam, and kalimba.

Sylla has collaborated with a wide variety of musicians, including in jazz and cross-cultural settings. He has worked with Ernst Reijseger, with whom he composed the score to Werner Herzog's 2005 film The Wild Blue Yonder.

He is a founding member of the groups Senemali (a collaboration between Senegalese and Malian musicians) and VeDaKi (formerly Vershki da Koreshki, a quartet made up of Senegalese, Russian, and Indian musicians).


With Ernst Reijseger

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