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Moladi is a South African company specialising in a reusable plastic formwork for use in construction of affordable housing and low cost housing projects, mainly in third world countries. The process involves creating a mould the form of the complete house. This wall mould is then filled with an aerated form of mortar. The process is also claimed to be faster than traditional methods of construction.[1]

The process has won the Design for Development award of the South African Bureau of Standards Design Institute in 1997, with the institute praising Moladi as: interlocking and modular shutter system for moulding complex concrete structures. The panels are lightweight and very robust. The system is especially suited for affordable low-cost, mass housing schemes.[2]

In addition to being a part of the drive by the South African government to replace shantytowns with proper houses,[3] Moladi also exports to third world countries like Panama, where the company also plans to set up a factory.[4] The company also opened a new factory in Port Elizabeth in 2008.[5][6][7][8]


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