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Molly Ockett (died August 2, 1816), was a Native American woman of the Abenaki nation who lived in the regions of northern New Hampshire and Maine during colonial times. Her Abenaki name meant "Singing Bird", but she was also baptised and given the name Mary Agatha. This was most likely pronounced as "Molly Agat" or "Molly Ockett" by Abenaki speakers.

She was born sometime between 1725 and 1744 and was said to be a daughter of the chief of her tribe. Her date of death is given as August 2, 1816.

Molly was reputed to be a skilled healer[1] and wise woman with a singular sense of humor. She was well known by European settlers in the area and her name is still attached to numerous locales in the Androscoggin River valley and surrounding territory.[2]

Molly Ockett Middle School in Fryeburg, Maine, is named after her,[3] and Bethel, Maine, hosts an annual summer festival titled 'MollyOckett Days'.[4]


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