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A part of Pingjiang Road taken at night
The "Mail to Future" wall at Momi cafe

Momi Café (Chinese: 猫的天空之城; pinyin: MāodeTiānKōngzhīChéng)[1] is a coffee house located in Pingjiang Road in Suzhou, China. It has many branches, including stores in Wuxi, Shanghai, Xitang and many other cities.


Its atmosphere is that of a coffee house. Specially, it is well known by its handmade milk tea called Siwa milk tea. Besides, the milk tea there is famous for its nature and pureness, it has no additives and is made by imported materials. Here are two examples, the Hong Kong silk stocking milk tea, British Earl Grey Tea.
The cafe sells books only covering three categories: travel, art and literature. It sells magazines such as02 life,[2] little thing,[3] DuKu.[4] Last but not least.
What is worth mentioning is the postcards there. There is a wall named "Mail to Future". There are 365 small cells on this wall, and each cell stands for one day in a year. Everyone can choose a postcard, write down the receiver’s name, the address, the zip code, and then put it into any cell and the postcard will be sent off on that day. This wall is treasure of the market town and it’s also known as the only one around China. What’s more, all the postcards are designed by the shopkeepers. With the help of many friends, there are almost 300 different kinds of postcards has come out and most of them are related to Suzhou.



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