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Momokomotion (Momoko Ueda) is a Japanese multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter/artist based in Bangkok.


After attending the San Francisco Art Institute, Momoko became a member of the Bangkok-based electroclash band Futon (as Momoko Futon).

In 2007, and now known as Momokomotion, she recorded her first solo album, Punk In A Coma.

In late 2007, Momoko Ueda and guitarist-artist Tintin Cooper took part in Tokyo Wonder Site's[1] 'Creator in Residence' scheme in Shibuya, Tokyo while also performing for Tokyo DAF (Digital Arts Festival) in an art installation created by Bangkok-based design team Duckunit.

Band Members Past/Present[edit]

  • Momokomotion – Guitar, Vocals
  • Tintin Cooper – Guitar
  • Dr Usui—Guitar
  • Orawin Watcharapong – Bass
  • Patrice Schneider—Drums
  • Anna Voronoff – Drums
  • Mark - Keyboards


  • Punk In A Coma (Rambutan Records) 2007
  • Toy (with Bo Surattanawee) (Rambutan Records)

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