Monetary Authority of Macao

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Monetary Authority of Macao
Autoridade Monetária de Macau
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HeadquartersMacau SAR
EstablishedDecember 20, 1999 (1999-12-20)
OwnershipGovernment of Macao SAR
ChairmanChan Sau San (陳守信)
CurrencyMacanese pataca
Monetary Authority of Macao
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese澳門金融管理局
Simplified Chinese澳门金融管理局
Portuguese name
PortugueseAutoridade Monetária de Macau

The Monetary Authority of Macao also known as Monetary Authority of Macau (Portuguese: Autoridade Monetária de Macau, abbr. as AMCM; Chinese: 澳門金融管理局) is the currency board and the de facto central bank of Macau. The regulatory institution established on December 20, 1999, upon the transfer of the sovereignty of Macau from Portugal to the People's Republic of China as the Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR).


It was formerly known as the "Monetary and Foreign Exchange Authority of Macao" (Portuguese: Autoridade Monetaria e Cambial de Macau, abbr. as AMCM), which was created on July 1, 1989.

According to decree-law no. 14/96/M of 11 March, the Monetary Authority of Macao carries the following major statutory duties:

  • To advise and assist the Chief Executive in formulating and applying monetary, financial, exchange rate and insurance policies;
  • To guide, co-ordinate and oversee the monetary, financial, foreign exchange and insurance markets, ensure their smooth operation and supervise the actions of those operating within them according to the terms established in the regulatory statutes governing each respective area;
  • To monitor internal monetary stability and the external solvency of the local currency, ensuring its full convertibility;
  • To exercise the functions of a central monetary depository and manage the territory's currency reserves and other foreign assets;
  • To monitor the stability of the financial system.


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