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Money for Madagascar is a UK registered charity (number 1001420) based in Lancaster, Lancashire.[1] It was established in 1986 to fund development projects managed by local partners in Madagascar.

Money for Madagascar aims to enable Malagasy people to address the social, economic and environmental challenges facing their country. Since 1986 it has collected and transferred more than £2 million to support projects in Madagascar.[2]

Money for Madagascar typically funds projects in the following areas: conservation, education, public health and sustainable development. By supporting small community-lead projects it hopes to address issues including poverty, deforestation, food security, preventable illnesses, illiteracy and innumeracy.[3]

History and beginnings[edit]

Money for Madagascar was founded in 1986 by volunteers returning from Madagascar who wished to continue supporting its people and environment. It became an independent charity 1991. In 2011 it celebrated its 25th birthday.


Money for Madagascar operates by funding projects proposed, devised and managed by development partners in Madagascar.

Areas of activity[edit]

Projects that Money for Madagascar funds typically focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Conservation
  • Sustainable development
  • Public health
  • Supporting vulnerable children and young people
  • Cyclone Relief
  • Education

Money for Madagascar has funded projects in both rural and urban communities and in locations across Madagascar.


Money for Madagascar’s principal beneficiaries are:

  • Destitute children
  • Vulnerable young women and girls
  • Young people with physical or learning disabilities
  • Impoverished families
  • Communities living in or around ecological hotspots


Money for Madagascar employs no expatriate staff in Madagascar but instead operates by funding projects managed by local development partners. These include:

  • Akany Avoko Children’s Home, Ambohidratrimo
  • SAF/FJKM, Antananarivo
  • Association Sandratra
  • Sisters of the Good Shepherd
  • La Source CAIT Ambohimanarina
  • SAF Betampona
  • SAF/FATOAM, Toamasina
  • Association ALF
  • Association WtdM

Domestically, Money for Madagascar is a member of SMIDOS - Small and Medium sized International Development Organisations in Wales.[4]



Money for Madagascar is managed by thirteen unpaid trustees and four (f/t & p/t) salaried staff. This team is responsible for fundraising, grant allocation and the evaluation of completed projects. Each year one of Money for Madagascar’s trustees visits recently completed or ongoing projects in Madagascar.



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