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Mong may refer to:


  • a proposed original name for the Hmong people, based on the main group, the Mong admittances
  • William Mong (1927–2010), chairman of the Shun Hing Group, a product distributor in Hong Kong
  • William V. Mong (1875–1940), American film actor, screenwriter and director
  • MC Mong (born 1979), South Korean hip hop artist



  • Mueang or Mong, a term for pre-modern, semi-independent city-states or principalities in Southeast Asia
  • A shortened form of Mongoloid or Mongol, a derogatory term for a person affected by mental disorder, especially Down syndrome (originally called Mongolian idiocy by researchers)
    • A general slang term for idiot, considered derogatory
  • Mong, the ISO 15924 code for Mongolian script
  • non-glycerol organic material in crude glycerol byproduct of biodiesel production
  • Khong mong, a traditional Thai instrument (a hanging gong)

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