Mongo the Magnificent

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Dr. Robert Frederickson
First appearance Shadow of a Broken Man
Last appearance Lord of Ice and Loneliness
Created by George C. Chesbro
Aliases "Mongo the Magnificent"
Gender Male
Occupation Private detective
former Circus Acrobat
Nationality American

Dr. Robert "Mongo" Fredrickson, a.k.a. Mongo the Magnificent, is a fictional private eye and criminologist who has dwarfism, appearing in several books by George C. Chesbro. His rather unusual nickname is actually his stage name, from his days as an acrobat in a circus (a career that is over by the time the book series begins). The novels are usually classified as mysteries, but frequently contain strong elements of speculative fiction such as extra-sensory perception and cryptozoology.

Cultural impact[edit]

Marvel Comics has a supporting character Chesbro, a genius who is afflicted with dwarfism. He is the majordomo to the villain the Black Tarantula. Tom Defalco, who created and authored Chesbro's first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #419, has confirmed that this is a tribute to the Mongo character. (source: accessed 14 December 2008)

List of Novels[edit]

Potential adaptation[edit]

In 2005, Greenlight Pictures announced that they would be producing a motion picture, An Affair of Sorcerers, based on the book of the same name in the Mongo series, and that actor Peter Dinklage would be playing the central role of Mongo. Author George Chesbro wrote a screenplay for the project, but, unfortunately, the studio eventually vanished and the movie never happened.

In February 2014, published an interview with writer Jason Monjo. He revealed that he has written the script for a pilot for an HBO series based on Chesbro's The Beasts of Valhalla, again starring actor Peter Dinklage. The pilot will be produced by Ben Stiller's Red Hour Productions. If it happens, it is expected to film in 2016, after Dinklage has completed Game of Thrones.

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