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(176 code points)
ScriptsMongolian (154 char.)
Common (3 char.)
Major alphabetsMongolian
Assigned157 code points
Unused19 reserved code points
Unicode version history
3.0155 (+155)
5.1156 (+1)
11.0157 (+1)
Note: [1][2]

Mongolian is a Unicode block containing characters for dialects of Mongolian, Manchu, and Sibe languages. It is traditionally written in vertical lines Text direction TDright.svg Top-Down, right across the page, although the Unicode code charts cite the characters rotated to horizontal orientation as this is the orientation of glyphs in a font that supports layout in vertical orientation.

The block has dozens of variation sequences defined for standardized variants.[3]


Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+180x FV
1.^ As of Unicode version 12.0
2.^ Grey areas indicate non-assigned code points

Presentation forms[edit]

Letter Subset Unicode Isolate Initial Medial Final
A Basic 1820 ᠠ‍ ‍ᠠ‍ ‍ᠠ
1820 180B ᠠ᠋ ‍ᠠ᠋‍ ‍ᠠ᠋
1820 180C ‍ᠠ᠌‍
E Basic 1821 ᠡ‍ ‍ᠡ‍ ‍ᠡ
1821 180B ᠡ᠋‍ ‍ᠡ᠋
Todo 1844 ᡄ‍ ‍ᡄ‍
1844 180B ‍ᡄ᠋‍
Sibe 185D ᡝ‍ ‍ᡝ‍ ‍ᡝ
185D 180B ‍ᡝ᠋‍ ‍ᡝ᠋
EE Basic 1827 ᠧ‍ ‍ᠧ‍ ‍ᠧ
I Basic 1822 ᠢ‍ ‍ᠢ‍ ‍ᠢ
1822 180B ‍ᠢ᠋‍
Todo 1845 ᡅ‍ ‍ᡅ‍ ‍ᡅ
1845 180B ‍ᡅ᠋‍
Sibe 185E ᡞ‍ ‍ᡞ‍ ‍ᡞ
185E 180B ‍ᡞ᠋‍ ‍ᡞ᠋
185E 180C ‍ᡞ᠌‍ ‍ᡞ᠌
Manchu 1873 ᡳ‍ ‍ᡳ‍ ‍ᡳ
1873 180B ‍ᡳ᠋‍ ‍ᡳ᠋
1873 180C ‍ᡳ᠌‍ ‍ᡳ᠌
1873 180D ‍ᡳ᠍‍
IY Sibe 185F ‍ᡟ‍ ‍ᡟ
O Basic 1823 ᠣ‍ ‍ᠣ‍ ‍ᠣ
1823 180B ‍ᠣ᠋‍ ‍ᠣ᠋
Todo 1846 ᡆ‍ ‍ᡆ‍ ‍ᡆ
1846 180B ‍ᡆ᠋‍
OE Basic 1825 ᠥ‍ ‍ᠥ‍ ‍ᠥ
1825 180B ‍ᠥ᠋‍ ‍ᠥ᠋
1825 180C ‍ᠥ᠌‍
Todo 1848 ᡈ‍ ‍ᡈ‍ ‍ᡈ
1848 180B ‍ᡈ᠋‍
U Basic 1824 ᠤ‍ ‍ᠤ‍ ‍ᠤ
1824 180B ‍ᠤ᠋‍
Todo 1847 ᡇ‍ ‍ᡇ‍ ‍ᡇ
1847 180B ᡇ᠋ ‍ᡇ᠋‍ ‍ᡇ᠋
1847 180C ‍ᡇ᠌‍
Sibe 1861 ᡡ‍ ‍ᡡ‍ ‍ᡡ
UE Basic 1826 ᠦ‍ ‍ᠦ‍ ‍ᠦ
1826 180B ᠦ᠋ ‍ᠦ᠋‍ ‍ᠦ᠋
1826 180C ‍ᠦ᠌‍
Todo 1849 ᡉ‍ ‍ᡉ‍ ‍ᡉ
1849 180B ᡉ᠋ ‍ᡉ᠋‍
Sibe 1860 ᡠ‍ ‍ᡠ‍ ‍ᡠ
1860 180B ‍ᡠ᠋‍ ‍ᡠ᠋
Todo 1843 ‍ᡃ᠋‍ ‍ᡃ᠋
Letter Subset Unicode Isolate Initial Medial Final
NA Basic 1828 ᠨ‍ ‍ᠨ‍ ‍ᠨ
1828 180B ᠨ᠋‍ ‍ᠨ᠋‍
1828 180C ‍ᠨ᠌‍
1828 180D ‍ᠨ᠍‍
ANG Basic 1829 ‍ᠩ‍ ‍ᠩ
Todo 184A 180B ‍ᡊ‍ ‍ᡊ
Sibe 1862 180B ‍ᡢ‍ ‍ᡢ
BA Basic 182A ᠪ‍ ‍ᠪ‍ ‍ᠪ
182A 180B ‍ᠪ᠋
Todo 184B ᡋ‍ ‍ᡋ‍ ‍ᡋ
PA Basic 182B ᠫ‍ ‍ᠫ‍ ‍ᠫ
Todo 184C ᡌ‍ ‍ᡌ‍ ‍ᡌ
Sibe 1866 ᡦ‍ ‍ᡦ‍
QA Basic 182C ᠬ‍ ‍ᠬ‍
182C 180B ᠬ᠋ ᠬ᠋‍ ‍ᠬ᠋‍
182C 180C ‍ᠬ᠌‍
182C 180D ‍ᠬ᠍‍
Todo 184D ᡍ‍ ‍ᡍ‍ ‍ᡍ
184D 180B ᡍ᠋‍ ‍ᡍ᠋‍
GA Basic 182D ᠭ‍ ‍ᠭ‍ ‍ᠭ
182D 180B ᠭ᠋‍ ‍ᠭ᠋‍ ‍ᠭ᠋
182D 180C ‍ᠭ᠌‍
182D 180D ‍ᠭ᠍‍
Todo 184E ᡎ‍ ‍ᡎ‍ ‍ᡎ
184E 180B ‍ᡎ᠋‍
Sibe 1864 ᡤ‍ ‍ᡤ‍
MA Basic 182E ᠮ‍ ‍ᠮ‍ ‍ᠮ
Todo 184F ᡏ‍ ‍ᡏ‍ ‍ᡏ
LA Basic 182F ᠯ‍ ‍ᠯ‍ ‍ᠯ
SA Basic 1830 ᠰ‍ ‍ᠰ‍ ‍ᠰ
1830 180B ‍ᠰ᠋
1830 180C ‍ᠰ᠌
SHA Basic 1831 ᠱ‍ ‍ᠱ‍ ‍ᠱ
1878[a] ᡸ‍ ‍ᡸ‍ ‍ᡸ
Sibe 1867 ᡧ‍ ‍ᡧ‍ ‍ᡧ
TA Basic 1832 ᠲ‍ ‍ᠲ‍ ‍ᠲ
1832 180B ‍ᠲ᠋‍
Todo 1850 ᡐ‍ ‍ᡐ‍ ‍ᡐ
Sibe 1868 ᡨ‍ ‍ᡨ‍ ‍ᡨ
1868 180B ᡨ᠋‍ ‍ᠲ᠋‍
1868 180C ‍ᡨ᠌‍
DA Basic 1833 ᠳ‍ ‍ᠳ‍ ‍ᠳ
1832 180B ᠳ᠋‍ ‍ᠳ᠋‍ ‍ᠳ᠋
Todo 1851 ᡑ‍ ‍ᡑ‍ ‍ᡑ
Sibe 1869 ᡩ‍ ‍ᡩ‍
1869 180B ᡩ᠋‍ ‍ᡩ᠋‍
CHA Basic 1834 ᠴ‍ ‍ᠴ‍ ‍ᠴ
Todo 1852 ᡒ‍ ‍ᡒ‍ ‍ᡒ
Sibe 1871 ᡱ‍ ‍ᡱ‍
JA Basic 1835 ᠵ‍ ‍ᠵ‍ ‍ᠵ
1835 180B ‍ᠵ᠋‍
Todo 1853 ᡓ‍ ‍ᡓ‍ ‍ᡓ
Sibe 186A ᡪ‍ ‍ᡪ‍
YA Basic 1836 ᠶ‍ ‍ᠶ‍
1836 180B ᠶ᠋‍ ‍ᠶ᠋‍
1836 180C ‍ᠶ᠌‍
Todo 1855 ᡕ‍ ‍ᡕ‍
RA Basic 1837 ᠷ‍ ‍ᠷ‍ ‍ᠷ
Manchu 1875 ᡵ‍ ‍ᡵ‍ ‍ᡵ
RAA Sibe 1870 ᡰ‍
WA Basic 1838 ᠸ‍ ‍ᠸ‍ ‍ᠸ
1838 180B ‍ᠸ᠋
Todo 1856 ᡖ‍ ‍ᡖ‍ ‍ᡖ
FA Basic 1839 ᠹ‍ ‍ᠹ‍ ‍ᠹ
Sibe 186B ᡫ‍ ‍ᡫ‍
Manchu 1876 ᡶ‍ ‍ᡶ‍
1876 180B ᡶ᠋‍ ‍ᡶ᠋‍
KA Basic 183A ᠺ‍ ‍ᠺ‍ ‍ᠺ
Todo 1857 ᡗ‍ ‍ᡗ‍ ‍ᡗ
Sibe 1863 ᡣ‍ ‍ᡣ‍ ‍ᡣ
1863 180B ‍ᡣ᠋‍
Manchu 1874 ᡴ‍ ‍ᡴ‍ ‍ᡴ
1874 180B ‍ᡴ᠋‍ ‍ᡴ᠋
1874 180C ‍ᡴ᠌‍ ‍ᡴ᠌
1874 180D ‍ᡴ᠍‍
KHA Basic 183B ᠻ‍ ‍ᠻ‍ ‍ᠻ
GAA Todo 1858 ᡘ‍
Sibe 186C ᡬ‍
TSA Basic 183C ᠼ‍ ‍ᠼ‍ ‍ᠼ
Todo 1854 ᡔ‍ ‍ᡔ‍ ‍ᡔ
Sibe 186E ᡮ‍ ‍ᡮ‍
ZA Basic 183D ᠽ‍ ‍ᠽ‍ ‍ᠽ
Sibe 186F ᡯ‍ ‍ᡯ‍
186F 180B ᡯ᠋‍ ‍ᡯ᠋‍
HAA Basic 183E ᠾ‍ ‍ᠾ‍ ‍ᠾ
Todo 1859 ᡙ‍ ‍ᡙ‍ ‍ᡙ
Sibe 186D ᡭ‍
HA Sibe 1865 ᡥ‍ ‍ᡥ‍
ZRA Basic 183F ᠿ‍ ‍ᠿ‍ ‍ᠿ
ZHA Sibe 1872 ᡲ‍ ‍ᡲ‍
Manchu 1877 ᡷ‍ ‍ᡷ‍
LHA Basic 1840 ᡀ‍ ‍ᡀ‍
ZHI Basic 1841 ᡁ‍
CHI Basic 1842 ᡂ‍
JIA Todo 185A ᡚ‍
NIA Todo 185B ᡛ‍
DZA Todo 185C ᡜ‍ ‍ᡜ‍ ‍ᡜ


^ [a] U+1878 used historically for Buryat.[4]

Extensions for Sanskrit and Tibetan[edit]

Ali Gali
Subset Unicode Isolate Initial Medial Final
A Basic 1887 ‍ᢇ
1887 180B ᢇ᠋ ‍ᢇ᠋
1887 180C ‍ᢇ᠌
1887 180D ‍ᢇ᠍
I Basic 1888 ‍ᢈ
1888 180B ‍ᢈ᠋
AH Basic 1897 ᢗ‍
Half U Basic 18A6 ᢦ‍
Half YA Basic 18A7 ᢧ‍
Signs and marks
Ali Gali
Subset Unicode Isolate Initial Medial Final
Basic 1880
1880 180B ᢀ᠋
Basic 1881
1881 180B ᢁ᠋
Damaru Basic 1882
Ubadama Basic 1883
Basic 1884
Baluda Basic 1885
Basic 1886
Ali Gali
Subset Unicode Isolate Initial Medial Final
KA Basic 1889 ᢉ‍
NGA Basic 188A ᢊ‍ ‍ᢊ‍
188A 180B ᢊ᠋‍ ‍ᢊ᠋‍
Manchu 189B ᢛ‍ ‍ᢛ‍
CA Basic 188B ᢋ‍ ‍ᢋ‍
Manchu 189C ᢜ‍ ‍ᢜ‍
TTA Basic 188C ᢌ‍
Manchu 189E ᢞ‍ ‍ᢞ‍
TTHA Basic 188D ᢍ‍
DDA Basic 188E ᢎ‍
NNA Basic 188F ᢏ‍
TA Basic 1890 ᢐ‍
Todo 1898 ᢘ‍
Manchu 18A0 ᢠ‍
DA Basic 1891 ᢑ‍
PA Basic 1892 ᢒ‍
PHA Basic 1893 ᢓ‍
SSA Basic 1894 ᢔ‍ ‍ᢔ‍
Manchu 18A2 ᢢ‍ ‍ᢢ‍
ZHA Basic 1895 ᢕ‍
Todo 1899 ᢙ‍
Manchu 18A4 ᢤ‍ ‍ᢤ‍
ZA Basic 1896 ᢖ‍ ‍ᢖ‍
Manchu 18A5 ᢥ‍ ‍ᢥ‍
GHA Manchu 189A ᢚ‍ ‍ᢚ‍
JHA Manchu 189D ᢝ‍ ‍ᢝ‍
DDHA Manchu 189F ᢟ‍ ‍ᢟ‍
DHA Manchu 18A1 ᢡ‍ ‍ᢡ‍
CYA Manchu 18A3 ᢣ‍ ‍ᢣ‍
BHA Manchu 18A8 ᢨ‍
LHA Manchu 18AA ᢪ‍ ‍ᢪ‍

Variations and vowel separation[edit]

The Mongolian Unicode block contains its own variation selectors (listed as format controls) for use with the traditional Mongolian alphabet:[5]

  • U+180B Mongolian free variation selector one (FVS1)
  • U+180C Mongolian free variation selector two (FVS2)
  • U+180D Mongolian free variation selector three (FVS3)

Additional variations may be also available for traditional Mongolian script characters according to the context of the character, or by using a zero-width joiner (ZWJ, U+200D) and/or a zero width non-joiner (ZWNJ, U+200C) to select the specific form. The block also contains format control named "Mongolian vowel separator" (MVS, U+180E).


The following Unicode-related documents record the purpose and process of defining specific characters in the Mongolian block:

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