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Mongrel issue 15

Mongrel was an arts, culture and news magazine published nationwide in Ireland between 2003 and 2008. Founded by Sam Bungey and Yousef Eldin, Mongrel published 38 issues, and was notable for its irreverent editorial and high-end production printed in full colour with perfect binding.

The magazine ran a number of high-profile cover stories. Notable profiles included former Irish taoiseach Bertie Ahern;[1] Sheriff Joe Arpaio; George Galloway; exiled leader of the Al Aqsa Martyr Brigade, Jihad Ja'Ara; and Ron Paul. Musicians interviewed include My Morning Jacket,[2] Roots Manuva ; M.I.A.,[3] The Republic of Loose,[4] Rufus Wainwright[5] and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips.[6] For issue 3, the magazine commissioned Miss World to interview a local Dublin DJ.

Memorable features included a look at the reborn doll industry,[7] and a guide to going bald.[8]

Mongrel was embroiled in controversy in 2005 for its publication of "The Cunts List", which ranked notable people and organisations who were unlikable or morally reprehensible in the view of the magazine. The story was featured on the cover of The Sun when Irish chat show host Pat Kenny slammed the publishers as "low-life" in response to the article, which branded Kenny a "shithead and a moron" [9] The magazine published an exclusive interview with the sitting Taoiseach on the eve of the 2007 general election.

The magazine was also notable for its contributors, a generation of Ireland's leading young names in writing, photography, illustration, styling, and graphic design who have gone on to develop significant careers in their individual professions.

Contributors included: musician, Shane MacGowan; writers Mark O'Connell, Eoin Butler, Larry Ryan, Rob Sixsmith, Tim Walker; stylist Celestine Cooney, photographers Niall O'Brien and Ross McDonnell.

Mongrel closed[why?] in February 2008 with the last issue's cover design inspired by an Irish Mass card often sent at funerals.


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