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Monic Gabrielle Cecconi-Botella (born 30 September 1936) is a French pianist, music educator and composer. She was born in Courbevoie and studied at the Paris Conservatoire with Maurice Duruflé, Jean Rivier and Henri Dutilleux. After completing her studies, she worked as professor of music theory at the Conservatoire of Aubervilliers. In 1983 became a professor of music analysis at the Paris Conservatoire.[1][2]

In 1966 Cecconi-Botella won a First at the Grand Prix de Rome.[3] Her opera Noctuaile won a Grand Prix du Disque French Academy. In 2008 she founded the Festival Seasons of the Voice in Gordes, Provence.[4]


Cecconi-Botella explores multi-media arts in her compositions. Selected works include:

  • Bucolique for flute and piano
  • Cérémonie for viola and piano
  • Noctuaile opera in two parts, libretto by René David
  • He Signed Vincent (about the life of Vincent van Gogh)
  • The Woman of the Ogre, opera, book by Pierrette Fleutiaux
  • Operaclown, children's opera, libretto by René Pillot
  • Pirlipipi, children's opera, libretto by Pierre Gripari
  • Triangle Crystal, children's opera, book by Françoise Arquetout


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