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Monika Olejnik

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Monika Olejnik

Monika Olejnik, formally Monika Wasowska (born July 11, 1956) is a Polish radio, newspaper and TV journalist.[1]

Olejnik studied zoology at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. First she worked in Polish Radio I in a programme for farmers.[1] In 1982 she moved to Polish Radio III and stayed there until 2000. She became well known for her interviews with politicians and other public individuals in "Salon Polityczny Trójki" (Political Salon of Channel 3).[2] In TVN Television she worked on the programme "Kropka nad i" ("Dot the i").[3] Since September 2004 she was an interviewer for "Prosto w oczy" ("Straight in the eyes"), a programme on Polish Television Channel I.[4] Her father, Tadeusz (1932-2015) in the communist period was a major in the MSW ( Ministry of Internal Affairs). Olejnik stated in Newsweek that the allegations of her father being some kind of "ace agent" of the dreaded SB are incorrect.[5]