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Not to be confused with Mono (Japanese band) or Mono (UK band).
Mono Band
Origin Limerick, Ireland
Genres Electronica
Years active 2004–2007
Labels Gohan Records
Associated acts The Cranberries
Members Noel Hogan
Richard Walters
Soname Yangcheng
Marius De Vries
Alexandra Hamnede
Kate Havnevik
Nicolas Leroux
Fin Chambers
Angie Hart
Mike Hogan
Fergal Lawler

Mono Band is an Irish rock/electronica band. Mono Band has a rather unusual approach in utilising a different lead vocalist for almost every song. The group first appeared when Noel Hogan's website announced the name of his new project on 9 October 2004. Mono Band's first gig was 13 March 2005 at Dolan's in Limerick. On vocals that night were Richard Walters, Alexandra Hamnede, and Fin Chambers.[1] This was followed by a performance at the 2005 SXSW Festival in Austin, TX on 17 March.[2]


The band consists of Noel Hogan and various guest artists on a track-by-track basis.

Mono Band traces its roots back to what was intended to be the cranberries' sixth studio album.[3] Noel had been working on tracks when the cranberries announced their hiatus. Using his home studio, and then at West London's Town House Studios with Matthew Vaughan, Noel set about exploring more electronic music of various genres. With Noel writing, recording and producing almost all of the music for each track the moniker 'Mono Band' is rather appropriate. Guest artists include Richard Walters, Marius De Vries, Alexandra Hamnede, Kate Havnevik, Nicolas Leroux, Fin Chambers, Angie Hart, and two fellow cranberries, Mike Hogan and Fergal Lawler.[4]

In May 2005, Mono Band released their debut EP, Mono Band EP, shortly before releasing their first album, Mono Band.

With the touring that followed the release of their first album it became apparent that the concept of Mono Band did not translate as favourably to touring as it did to studio recording. Not every vocalist was available for every tour date, with usually two of the vocalist performing at any given show. Over the course of touring Richard Walters began to emerge as the primary vocalist. With their touring commitment completed Noel and Richard decided to work together and formed Arkitekt.[5] As of February 2011 there is no word on any upcoming projects by Mono Band.






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