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Monogram Biosciences, Inc.
Wholly owned subsidiary of LabCorp
Industry Biotechnology
Headquarters South San Francisco, California
Products PhenoSense, PhenoSense GT, Trofile, GeneSeq, VeraTag, HERmark
Number of employees
379 (2008)
Parent LabCorp

Monogram Biosciences Inc. (formerly ViroLogic Inc.), a wholly owned subsidiary of LabCorp, is an international biotechnology laboratory located in South San Francisco, California, USA. Monogram develops and markets assays to help guide and improve the treatment of infectious diseases (including HIV and Hepatitis) and cancer.

Virologic was founded in 1996 by Daniel Capon, Ph.D., Martin Goldstein and Robert S. Capon. The company went public (NASDAQ: VLGC) in 2000.

Monogram was acquired by Laboratory Corporation of America in June 2009.[1]


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