Monsters Crash the Pajama Party

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Monsters Crash the Pajama Party
DVD cover
Directed by David L. Hewitt
Produced by David L. Hewitt
Written by Story:
David L. Hewitt
Starring Vic McGee
James Reason
Peter James Noto
Music by David L. Hewitt
Cinematography Austin McKinney
Distributed by David L. Hewitt and Associates
Release date
  • 1965 (1965)
Running time
31 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Monsters Crash the Pajama Party is a 1965 American short horror film. It is about a group of teenagers in a haunted house that happens to be the headquarters of a laboratory used by a mad doctor who attempts to transform them all into gorillas. During its original theatrical release, actors would venture out into the seats in costumes as though they were the monsters coming out of the movie screen, similar to The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies.


A group of teenage girls spends the night in an old dark mansion as an initiation into a college sorority. The girls all agree to the initiation due to them all not believing in ghosts. Their boyfriends begin to play spooky pranks on them with store-bought masks, which fails to frighten the girls since they had been expecting these pranks. However, unbeknownst to the teenagers, the building is actually the headquarters for a mad scientist and his hunchbacked assistant, who are experimenting with turning humans into gorillas. The mad doctor abducts the girls, who are later rescued by the boys. The boyfriends then fight off the doctor's henchmen, a gorilla, a werewolf, and a creature of some sort. Incensed by his monsters' failure to re-capture any of the girls, he instructs them to blast a hole through the movie screen with a laser gun and venture out into the audience.

It is at this point during the original theatrical run of the film that actors dressed as the monsters from the movie would wander about the theatre seats to scare people, however lightly. The actors often wanted to seem comically spooky rather than actually scary.


  • Vic McGee as Mad Doctor/Lt. Hudson
  • James Reason as Professor Williams
  • Clara Nadel as Miss Petrie
  • Pauline Hillkurt as Draculina
  • Charles Hegen as Igor

Home media[edit]

Monsters Crash the Pajama Party was released on DVD by Something Weird Video in September 2007.

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