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Montana is the 41st state of the United States.

Montana may also refer to:


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Given name[edit]

  • Montana Cox (born 1993), Australian model
  • Montana Slim, stage name of Wilf Carter (musician) (1904-1996), Canadian country music singer, songwriter, guitarist and yodeler
  • Arthur Montana Taylor (1903-1954), American boogie-woogie and blues pianist


  • Montana (surname), a list of people with the surname Montana or Montaña
  • Alibi Montana, stage name of Nikarson Saint-Germain (born 1978), a French rapper of Haitian origin
  • Cyril Montana (born 1969), French writer
  • Duke Montana, Italian underground rapper, actor and businessman Duccio Barker (born 1975)
  • French Montana, stage name of American rapper Karim Kharbouch (born 1984)
  • Joe Montana (born 1956), American Hall-of-Fame retired National Football League quarterback (1979)
  • Joey Montana, Panamanian reggaeton singer Edgardo Antonio Miranda Beiro (born 1982)
  • Lenny Montana, American professional wrestler, mobster, and actor (debuting in The Godfather), born Leonardo Passafaro (1926–1992)
  • Marcus Montana, stage name of Australian pop singer and one-hit wonder Marcus Lagudi
  • Montie Montana, rodeo trick rider, actor, stuntman and cowboy born Owen Harlen Mickel (1910–1998)
  • Patsy Montana, American country music singer-songwriter Ruby Rose Blevins (1908-1996)
  • Small Montana, Filipino boxer Benjamin Gan (1913-1976)
  • Vincent Montana, Jr., American music producer

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Montana (comics), a Marvel Comics villain character, first appearing in 1964
  • Montana Jones, the title character of Montana Jones, an Italian-Japanese anime series broadcast from 1994 to 1995
  • Lindsay Monroe or Montana, a character in CSI: NY
  • Hannah Montana, the title character of the television series Hannah Montana
  • Léon Montana, the main character in the 1994 film Léon: The Professional
  • Tony Montana, a character played by Al Pacino in the 1983 film Scarface






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