Monte d'Accoddi

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Coordinates: 40°47′28″N 8°26′56″E / 40.79111°N 8.44889°E / 40.79111; 8.44889

Monte d'Accoddi
View from the base of Monte d'Accoddi
Monte d'Accoddi is located in Sardinia
Monte d'Accoddi
Shown within Sardinia
Type Monument
Cultures Nuragic civilization
Site notes
Excavation dates yes
Condition ruined
Management I Beni Culturali della Sardegna
Public access yes
Website Sassari, Tempio-altare di Monte d'Accoddi (Italian)

Monte d'Accoddi is an archaeological site in northern Sardinia, Italy, located in the territory of Sassari near Porto Torres.

It is the site of a megalithic structure, the oldest parts are dated to around c. 4,000-3,650 BC[1][2] and discovered in 1954, in a field owned by Segni family. The structure has a base of 27 m by 27 m and probably reached a height of 5.5 m. It culminated in a platform of about 12.5 m by 7.2 m, accessible via a ramp. It has been variously described as an altar, a temple or a step pyramid.[3]

It has been partially reconstructed during the 1980s. It is open to the public and accessible by the old route of SS131 highway, near the hamlet of Ottava.


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