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The Montem Mound is a mysterious and ancient mound of earth. It lies on Montem Lane, around half a mile west of central Slough, Berkshire, overlooking the Chalvey Brook, a minor tributary of the River Thames.

The mound is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The age of the mound is a matter of debate: Slough Museum is adamant that it is a Norman Motte and Bailey outpost from Windsor.[1] Alternative theories suggest that it is a much older "moot" point - a gathering place, while parallels might perhaps be drawn with the Taplow Mound, although that lies on much higher land above the Thames. In her 1925 book 'Prehistoric London. Its Mounds and Circles' E.O. Gordon asserts that the Montem was an ancient site of druidic assembly.[2]

Until 1844, Eton College held an annual festival here, known as Eton Montem.

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