Monumental brasses of Gloucestershire

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About 80 ancient monumental brasses survive in Gloucestershire, many in the parish churches at Cirencester and Northleach. Many have been lost to theft over the ages. The first complete listing of brasses in Gloucestershire was made by Cecil T Davis who stated that they may be divided into three categories: ecclesiastical, military and civil.[1]

List of monumental brasses of Gloucestershire[edit]

Image(Drawing/Rubbing;Photograph) Date Location Name[1]
c. 1370 Winterbourne A lady of the Bradestone family
1396 Temple Church, Bristol Civilian, half-length
1400 Deerhurst Sir John Cassy (judicial costume) and wife Alice, with canopy
c. 1400 Cirencester Wine merchant(?) and wife Margaret, imperfect with canopy
c. 1400 Northleach John Taylour (wool merchant) and wife Joane
1401 Chipping Campden William Greville (civilian costume) and wife Marion, with canopy
c. 1411 Trinity Church, Bristol John Barstaple
c. 1411 Trinity Church, Bristol Isabella, wife of John Barstaple
1416 [2] Dyrham Maurice Russell, knight
BerkeleyBrassCropped.jpg 1417[3] Wooton-under-Edge Thomas de Berkeley, 5th Baron Berkeley
c. 1430 Quinton Joan Clopton (vowess) with canopy
1438 Cirencester Richard Dixton in armour, with canopy
1439 St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol Sir John Juyn in judicial costume
1440 Cirencester Robert Page in civilian costume and wife Margaret, 6 sons, 8 daughters with canopy
1442 Cirencester Reginald Spyeer in civilian costume and 4 wives: Margaret, Juliana, Margaret and Joan
c. 1445 Newland Man in armour and wife, imperfect, crest of "free miner"
1447 Northleach Thomas Fortey, imperfect, William Scors, both in civilian costume and their wife Agnes, head missing, with 2 groups of children and canopy, both imperfect
1450 Chipping Campden William Welley in civilian costume and wife Alice
c. 1450 Lechlade Wool merchant and wife
1459 Northleach John Fortey in civilian costume with canopy
c. 1460 Temple Church, Bristol A priest, palimpsest
1461 St Peter's, Bristol Robert Lond, chaplain
1461 Rodmarton John Edward in civilian costume
1462 Cirencester William Prelatte in armour and 2 wives Agnes and Joan
1467 Chipping Campden John Lethenard in civilian dress and wife Joan
c. 1470 Cirencester William Notyngham in civilian dress, imperfect, and wife Christine
MedeBrassStMaryRedcliffe.jpg 1491 St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol Richard Mede in tabard and 2 wives, to right Juliana/Anne Pauncefoot, left Elizabeth Sharp[4]
1478 St John's, Bristol Thomas Rowley in civilian dress and wife Margaret
1478 Cirencester Ralph Parsons, priest
c. 1480 St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol John Jay, civilian, and wife Joan
c. 1480 Cirencester A priest
c. 1480 Cirencester Civilian and wife
1484 Chipping Campden William Gybbys, civilian and 3 wives: Alice, Margaret and Marion
c. 1485 Mitcheldean Wives of Thomas Baynham(d.1499/1500): (1)Margaret Hody (left) and (2)Alice Walwyn (right)
c. 1485 Northleach Woolman and wife
1493 Tormarton John Ceysyll, civilian
1497 Cirencester John Benet, civilian, imperfect, and wife Joan
1497 Sevenhampton John Camber, civilian
FairfordMay2011 052.jpg 1500 Fairford John Tame in armour and wife Alice
c. 1500 Cirencester Civilian, imperfect, head restored
c. 1500 Minchinhampton Civilian and wife
1501 Northleach William Midwinter and his wife
1501 Northleach Robert Serche and his wife Anne
1526 Northleach Thomas Busshe and his wife Johane
1530 Northleach William Lander, priest
c. 1571 Thornbury, Glos Avice Tyndall
1505 Olveston Denys brass, Maurice Denys and son Sir Walter Denys, both in armour]
JohnTwynyhoBrassLechlade.jpg c.1510 Lechlade John Twynyho (?) wool merchant
SirEdmundTameIFloorBrassFairford.jpg 1534 Fairford Sir Edmund Tame I and wives (1)Agnes Greville, to his left (2)Elizabeth Tyringham, to his right


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