Gwangju Mudeung Baseball Stadium

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Gwangju Mudeung Baseball Stadium
Gwangju Baseball Stadium.jpg
Location 316, Im-Dong, Buk-Gu, Gwangju, South Korea
Coordinates 35°10′08″N 126°53′14″E / 35.16889°N 126.88722°E / 35.16889; 126.88722
Owner Gwangju, South Korea
Operator Kia Tigers
Capacity 12,500
Field size Left Field - 97 metres (318 ft)
Left-Center - 116 metres (381 ft)
Center Field - 119 metres (390 ft)
Right-Center - 116 metres (381 ft)
Right Field - 97 metres (318 ft)
Outfield Wall Height - 3.1 metres (10 ft)
Surface Artificial turf
Opened September 30, 1965
Haitai Tigers (KBO) (1982-2000)
Kia Tigers (KBO) (2001-2013)

Gwangju Mudeung Baseball Stadium is a baseball stadium in Gwangju, South Korea. It is used mostly for baseball games and is the home stadium of Kia Tigers, formerly the Haitai Tigers. The stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in Korea.

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