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Mookencheril Cherian Joseph (6 January 1887 – 26 October 1981), popularly known as Yukthivadi M. C. Joseph, was an eminent rationalist from Kerala, India.

M. C. Joseph was born on 6 January 1887 at Thripunithura in Kerala. His father was Mookencheril Kuncheria and mother Maria. After his education, he took up his career as a lawyer. He was one of the founders of Yukthivadi, the first ever rationalist/atheist magazine in Malayalam along with Ramavarma Thampan, C. Krishnan, C. V. Kunjiraman, and Sahodaran Ayyappan. The first issue of the Yukthivadi was brought out on August, 1929.

Sahodaran Ayyappan was the first editor of the magazine. Two years later M. C. Joseph took over the editorship and successfully continued its publication without any interruption for the next 45 years. His famous column Kurippukal (Notes) carried scathing criticism of all organized religions, superstitions, and undemocratic and authoritarian political systems. During his tenure as its editor, the magazine got so identified with its editor that he came to be known as Yukthivadi M. C. Joseph. In July 1974, at the age of 87, he handed over the magazine to Unni Kakkanand.

M. C. Joseph died on 26 October 1981 at the age of 94. As per his wishes, the body was handed over to Calicut Medical College.

Bharathiya yukthivadi Sangham is giving M. C. Joseph award for secular writers and activist in Malayalam. Kureepuzha Sreekumar, Pavanan, Thilakan and Vaisakhan are the award winners.

Books by M. C. Joseph[edit]

  1. Purogathi (Progress) (1947)
  2. Yukthiprakasham (Light of Reason) (1966)
  3. Prabhodhanam (1966)
  4. Ashayasamaram (1976)
  5. Thiranjetutha Kurippukal (Selected Notes)(1976)
  6. Chinthaviplavam (1976)
  7. Nasthikya Chintha (Atheist Thoughts)(1977)
  8. Swatanthra Chintha (Free Thought)(1978)
  9. Kuttichathan (Goblins)(1983)
  10. Emciyute Lekhanangal (Essays)(1991)
  11. Emciyute Darshanangal (1995)
  12. Jotsyam Oru Kapada Sasthram (2004) Indian Atheist Publishers
  13. Punarjanma Smaranakal (2004) Indian Atheist Publishers
  14. Kalathinu Mumpe Nadannavar (2005) Indian Atheist Publisher


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