Moon Machines

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Moon Machines
GenreDocumentary, science, space exploration, historical
Directed byChristopher Riley
Duncan Copp
Nick Davidson
StarringKonrad Dannenberg
Robert Seamans
George Phelps
Don Brincka
Donald Binns
J. Halcombe Laning
Bob Schwinghamer
Bill Lucas
Frank DeMattia
Saverio "Sonny" Morea
Jerry Florey
Tom Herrala
Bill Ayrey
Joe Kosmo
Ken Thomas
Homer Reihm
Eleanor Foraker
Earl Bahl
Don Rethke
Harlan Brose
Dave Jennings
Tom Sylvester
Jim LeBlanc
James McBarrow
Bob Seamans
Bill Stoney
Joe Gavin
Dick Dunne
Lynn Radcliffe
Steve Rocamboli
Dick Wilde
Josh Stoff
Jack Clemons.
Narrated byBill Hope
Composer(s)Philip Sheppard
Country of originUnited States United States
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes6
Running time4.5 hours (6 44-minute-long episodes)
Original networkScience Channel
Original releaseJune 2008 – June 2009
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Moon Machines in the US and UK is a Science Channel HD documentary miniseries consisting of six episodes documenting the engineering challenges of the Apollo Program to land a man on the Moon. It covers everything from the iconic Saturn V to the Command Module, the Lunar Module, the Space Suits, the Guidance and Control Computer, and the Lunar Rover. It was created by the team who made In the Shadow of the Moon in association with NASA to commemorate the agency's fiftieth anniversary in 2008. It first aired in June 2008 and was released on DVD a year later in June 2009.[1]


The miniseries features interviews with around 70 of the 400,000 engineers who worked on the Apollo program during the 1960s and early 70s. These interviews are intercut with archive film, sourced by Footagevault from NASA's various film archives stored at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio and from the National Archive in Washington.

The miniseries is narrated by actor Bill Hope.


The score was composed by Philip Sheppard.


Part 1: The Saturn V Rocket[edit]

The first episode of the series documents the creation of the iconic Saturn V rocket.

Part 2: The Command Module[edit]

The second episode is centered on the construction of the Apollo Command Module and the setback of the Apollo 1 fire.

Part 3: The Navigation Computer[edit]

The third episode details the story of MIT's work on the Apollo Guidance Computer.

Part 4: The Lunar Module[edit]

The fourth episode features the Grumman project to build mankind's first true spacecraft - the Lunar Module.

Part 5: The Space Suit[edit]

The penultimate episode focuses on the teams that created the remarkable Apollo pressure suit.

Part 6: The Lunar Rover[edit]

The series' final episode centers on the design and perfection of the novel Lunar Roving Vehicle carried to the Moon on the Apollo J-class missions.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Part 2 the story of the Command Module won a Grand REMI from the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival in 2009


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