Moon Ranger

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Moon Ranger
Moon Ranger Cover.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s)Odyssey Software[1]
Publisher(s)Bunch Games[1]
Designer(s)Art Cestaro III[1]
George Rucker III[1]
Artist(s)Steve Tilton[1]
Composer(s)Mike Smith[1]
George Rucker III[1]
Platform(s)Nintendo Entertainment System

Moon Ranger is an action video game that was developed by Odyssey Software and published by Bunch Games. An alien species has set up a dormant spacecraft on the Moon to mine the solar system's resources.[1] As a side note, this will destroy the Earth.[1]

The player must fly through outer space, destroying meteors and aliens along the way.[1] Then, he must make a perfect landing and enter the first alien base.[1] After fighting his way through and recovering a piece of the gamma bomb that can destroy the aliens, it is off to the next base for some more gathering and plundering.[1] Gather all the gamma bomb parts to destroy the alien menace.[1]


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