Moondyne Cave

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Moondyne Cave is a karst cave in the Southwest region of Western Australia. It is located on Caves Road, 8 kilometres (5 mi) north of Augusta.

It has a pothole entrance, a vertical extent of 26 metres (85 ft), and a length of 270 m (890 ft), with some large dry chambers.[1]

Moondyne Cave was discovered in 1881 by Joseph Bolitho Johns, who had formerly been the bushranger known as Moondyne Joe.[2] It was first opened for public viewing in 1911. Guided tours ended in 1959, but it was reopened in 1992 after undergoing restoration.[3]

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Coordinates: 34°16′24″S 115°05′53″E / 34.27338°S 115.09807°E / -34.27338; 115.09807