Moonglow: A Novel

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Moonglow: A Novel
Moonglow cover.jpg
AuthorMichael Chabon
CountryUnited States
Publication date
November 22, 2016
Media typeHardback
ISBN978-0-06-222555-9 (Hardcover)

Moonglow is a 2016 novel by Michael Chabon. The book chronicles the life of Chabon's grandfather, a WW2 soldier, engineer and rocket enthusiast who marries a troubled Jewish survivor from France and lives a challenging, wandering life in postwar America. Chabon tells the story using a mixture of strict memoir and creative fiction writing.[1] The narrator functions as a proxy for the author, Chabon.[1][2]

Plot Summary[edit]

The novel is about the story of the author's (Chabon) grandfather. Throughout the book, the grandfather's name is not referred to.

The story is sort of a memoir, jumping around in time. It starts with the narrator stating how his grandfather got arrested.


Sam Sacks writing for The Wall Street Journal appreciated the non-fiction elements of the novel in contrast to Chabon's other works. Sacks said, "Moonglow is a movingly bittersweet novel that balances wonder with lamentation."[3] For The New York Times, Michiko Kakutani found that, "Mr. Chabon weaves these knotted-together tales together into a tapestry that’s as complicated, beautiful and flawed as an antique carpet. […] Although "Moonglow" grows overly discursive at times, it is never less than compelling when it sticks to the tale of Mike's grandparents — these damaged survivors of World War II who bequeath to their family a legacy of endurance, and an understanding of the magic powers of storytelling to provide both solace and transcendence".[4]

The book was discussed in January 2017 on BBC Radio 4's Saturday Review.[5]


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