Moonlight Brewing Company

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Moonlight Brewing Company
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1992
Headquarters Santa Rosa, California, USA
Products Beer
Production output
2500 barrels
Owner Brian Hunt (independent)

The Moonlight Brewing Company is a brewery founded in 1992 by Brian Hunt in Santa Rosa, California, USA.[1] It is known for its flagship beer, Death & Taxes, which is popular in Sonoma County, California.[2] In 2008, it received the Best Brewery award at the 17th annual Santa Rosa Beerfest.


Founder, brewmaster and abbot Brian Hunt started the brewing company in 1992, not for profit but to "support his habit".[2] With a degree in Fermentation Science from UC Davis,[3] and years experience as a brewmaster and beer consultant, Hunt saw the brewery as a chance to become self-employed. At the age of 35, he rented an 1,000-square-foot (93 m2) tractor barn in Windsor, California and bought 200 used beer kegs. In 2003 the brewery was moved to a building designed specifically for the purpose of brewing beer and was designated an Abbey through the Universal Life Church. Moonlight Brewing cultivates a large field of hops for its seasonal Homegrown Ale on the old property.[1]


Besides its relatively small production (2,500 barrels per year), the production of beer is limited solely to kegs. The brewery refuses to package its beer in bottles or cans as Hunt believes the process of bottling beer "is cruel for the beer and a logistical nightmare".[2] Due to the limited production and self-distribution, Moonlight products are generally available only in Sonoma County, and the San Francisco bay area, though on occasion, it is found further out.


Currently, the brewery produces a large variety of beer, including frequent seasonals. The five year-round production beers includes Death & Taxes (black lager), Reality Czeck (Czech-style pilsner), Lunatic Lager, Misspent Youth (Dry) Pale Ale, Bombay by Boat (IPA), and Twist of Fate (bitter ale). Homegrown is a fresh hop ale that is produced using hops that are solely from the brewery's quarter-acre hopyard[4] and harvested in mid-September. Working for Tips Ale is brewed with Springtime Coastal Redwood branch tips around late May. Bony Fingers is a seasonally produced black lager, brewed specifically for Halloween. Toast (Slightly Burned) Strong Lager is made for New Years.


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