Moranak Meada

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Moranak Meada
Khmer DVD cover
Directed by Fai Sam Ang
Written by Fai Sam Ang
Pi kon Ann
Starring Ly Chan Siha
Danh Monika
Heng Bun Leap
Distributed by Prisean Meas Production
SSB productions
Release date
  • 2004 (2004)
Running time
120 minutes
Country Cambodia
Language Khmer

Moranak Meada (Khmer:មរណមាតា) (English - Mother Death) is a Khmer 2004 fantasy/drama film which received several awards in Khmer film festival including second prize of silver award for best movies. The film based on Khmer old folk tales which similar to Thai legend Bla Boo Thong and European fairy tale Cinderella.


After her mother was killed by her father during the fishing, Kanika got a new name from the mother death meaning as Moranak Meada. Moranak Meada did a very hard work everyday as her life full of sadness and misery as well as she was hit and attacked by her cruel, lazy stepmother and stepsisters including her uncarable father. However, her mother's bodu turned into a Catfish in order to take care her when she was sad. But the stepmother knew and started a plan to kill the poor Catfish by used her daughter who had a face like Moranak Meada to deceived Catfish into the trap and killed it to make food. Moranak Meada found out and cried alone under the house but a talking duck gave her the fin of her mother, so she could plant it as it probably turned in the egg plant but the stepmothers still cut out the eggplant and grilled it for food again but moranak meada still found the plant's leaf and buried it far away from the house as it suddenly grew as a little golden banyan tree which could talk to her every time she wanted to.

Many years later, Moranak Meada grew up as a beautiful and kind girl. Meanwhile, a Young King visited the village and loved the little banyan tree and ordered his servant to take it but they couldn't until he asked Moranak Meada for it as well as he crowned her as his Queen. However, the stepmother and stepsisters started a plan to kill her and changed their some faced daughter as Moranak Meada but the king knew and punish the fake Moranak Meada by killed her and chopped her for food, sent to her mother. The Mother and family was afraid and tried to run but was killed by a cobra.

Now, Moranak Meada was turned into a bird by a fairy and flew to live with her husband for waiting for becoming human again, but one of the king's girls hated the bird and wanted to destroy it. But the bird was then rescued by a white king mouse which then killed the king's girl by biting her nose.

Three years later, the king found Moranak Meada as the human and now with a three-year-old son. They finally returned to the palace and lived happily ever after.


  • Best Movie(second prize)
  • Best Actress (second Prize)
  • Best picture
  • Best young actress
  • Best Sound effect
  • Best art direction

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