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Morbo was a Mexican electronica/synthpop/ambient/alternative rock group formed by Juan Carlos Lozano. Lozano was one of the four founding members of Moenia, which originally included Juan Carlos Lozano as lead vocalist on 1997's debut album 'Moenia' and its 1998 companion remix album 'Moenia Mixes'. Despite the acclaimed success of 1997's Moenia and 1998's remix album, in itself a risky and previously-unheard of novelty in the Mexican music industry, and due to disagreements between Lozano, Jorge Soto and Alejandro 'Midi' Ortega as to the creative route Moenia should take, Lozano decided to leave Moenia as vocalist with original founding member Alfonso Pichardo returning as lead singer. Lozano then formed the perhaps less commercial, still synth-oriented, but more guitar-centered Morbo, whose musical vision first came to fruition in 2001's eponymous Morbo.

The musical and lyrical vision of Morbo has continued to deepen and evolve with 2005's Electroguitarpop. Both Morbo and Moenia have expressed that both bands are not in competition with one another, since each band's aesthetic visions and realizations are demonstrably different.


Cofounder and former lead vocalist of Moenia. Founder and lead vocalist of Morbo.




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