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Moregem is a village of the municipality of Wortegem-Petegem located in the Belgian province of East Flanders. It has 406 ha. The village has as European sister village the French village Moringhem.

Sint-Pietersstoel Church


The history of Moregem goes back to the 10th century. It was first mentioned under the name "Moringehim". The writing often changed:

Middle Ages court: vierschaar

Moringem in 1038, Morenghene in 1182, Morenghem in 1330, Mooreghem in 1735, Mooregem around 1800. Finally the name changed to its present name, Moregem.

Chapel O.-L. Vrouw Ten Doorn

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Coordinates: 50°51′01″N 3°33′38″E / 50.85028°N 3.56056°E / 50.85028; 3.56056