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Dr. Morella Joseph is a politician in the Caribbean island nation of Saint Lucia and was reportedly the first woman in its history to become president of a political party. After the unexpected resignation of Vaughan Lewis, Joseph was elected to the position in October, 2000 and became the leader of Saint Lucia's United Workers' Party.[1] In the elections of the same year, Morella she ran for a seat in the Parliament of Saint Lucia but was defeated by the candidate of the Saint Lucia Labour Party.

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  1. ^ Earl Bousquet. "Kicks and kisses for Morella... Leadership Struggle Wrecks "Alliance"". Government of Saint Lucia. Archived from the original on 2008-05-24. Retrieved 2010-01-07. Another fallout from the leadership tussle in the still-born coalition was the former Prime Minister’s firm public contradiction of the claim by UWP Leader Dr Morella Joseph ...

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