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Moritz Szeps, also Moriz Szeps (5 November 1835, in Busk, Austrian Galicia (now in Lviv Oblast of Ukraine) - 9 August 1902, in Vienna, Austria) was an Austrian journalist and newspaper owner.


From 1855 to 1867, he was editor-in-chief of the Vienna Morgenpost, after that changing to the Neues Wiener Tagblatt, then the leading liberal daily newspaper in Austria.

He was a friend to Crown Prince Rudolf, and published his lead articles in his newspaper.

After being fired, he bought the Morgenpost, renaming it to Wiener Tagblatt (from 1901: Wiener Morgenzeitung, closed down in 1905).


He had two daughters:


  • See his daughter's (Berta Szeps-Zuckerkandl) book My Life and History, Cassel, London, 1938.