Mount Moorosi

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Mount Moorosi
Morosi's Mountain
Mount Moorosi is located in Lesotho
Mount Moorosi
Mount Moorosi
Mount Moorosi
Location Quthing District, Lesotho
Range Drakensberg
Coordinates 30°16′43″S 27°52′20″E / 30.27861°S 27.87222°E / -30.27861; 27.87222Coordinates: 30°16′43″S 27°52′20″E / 30.27861°S 27.87222°E / -30.27861; 27.87222

Mount Moorosi (or Morosi's Mountain) is a mountain in the Drakensberg mountain range on the banks of the Orange River in southern Basutoland (modern Lesotho). It acquired the name Morosi's Mountain after the Chief of a local tribe, who, after committing acts deemed to hostile to the Cape Colonial administration, fortified himself on the mountain. A Royal Engineer who was posted to the mountain after the siege began stated that: "Morosi's Mountain is an isolated kopje, rising steeply on the south bank of the Orange River, about 1 500 feet, and connected with the range on the south by a low narrow nek."[1]

For actions during the siege three Victoria Crosses were awarded to British troops: Peter Brown, Edmund Hartley and Robert Scott.[2]


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