Morpho amphitryon

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Morpho amphitryon
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Nymphalidae
Genus: Morpho
Species: M. amphitryon
Binomial name
Morpho amphitryon
Staudinger, 1887
  • Morpho (Iphimedeia) theseus amphitrion f. azurita Fruhstorfer, 1913
  • Morpho hercules antaeus Röber, 1927
  • Morpho (Iphimedeia) amphitrion amphitrion f. persion Le Moult & Réal, 1962
  • Morpho amphitryon duponti Duchêne, 1985
  • Iphimedeia amphitryon susarion Fruhstorfer, 1913
  • Morpho amphitrion cinereus f. malva Duchêne, 1985
  • Morpho amphitrion cinereus f. blandini Duchêne, 1985

Morpho amphitryon is a Neotropical butterfly.


Morpho amphitryon is a very large butterfly with a wingspan of 150–160 mm. The top of the wings is a blue grey metallic colour with a wide grey border embellished by a submarginal row of white spots. The outer edge of the forewing is concave and the hindwings have a scalloped edge. "amphitrion Stgr. [as race of Morpho theseus], from Chanchamayo, South Peru, has the forewing much elongated, with the cell blue-grey. Males also occur with the upper surface suffused with blue-white throughout."[1]


Morpho amphitryon lives in Andean montane forests at altitudes from 700 to 2000 metres above sea level.


Morpho amphitryon is a "scarce" or rare species.


  • M. a. amphitryon (Peru)
  • M. a. azurita Duchêne et Blandin, 2009
  • M. a. susarion Fruhstorfer, 1913 (Bolivia)
  • M. a. cinereus Duchêne, 1985 (Peru)


This species is present in Bolivia and Peru. The northernmost population is in the mountain chain which forms the border between the Amazonas and San Martín departments. It is a Tropical Andes species.


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